Events - The Pastel Quotient: a Hands-on Demo with Winnie Tam

Please mark your calendars for our next mini workshop on having fun with pastels with Winnie Tam. Are you "Nu" to pastels? No worries, Winnie will be providing small paper to try painting and drawing with communal pastels. Please see below for details and participation response requested.

Topic: The Pastel Quotient: Learn to maximize fun with Nupastels

Date: Saturday, October 21st, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Location: School of Horticulture, Administration Building

Located on the grounds of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens,

Niagara Parkway

Cost: Free [or optional kit to take home $15]

RSVP: **please indicate your attendance to by Sunday September 17 – in order to ensure sufficient sample materials and/or kits


Winnie will prepare smaller pieces of 4 in x 6 in sanded surface and 4 in x 6 in Canson paper for the artists to try painting and drawing with communal pastels. There will be a few Nupastels for the artists to share and try. Please note, these are not pastels to take home and there is no fee to members to try and participate in this mini workshop. Your attendance notification is required by September 17th to ensure we have sufficient supplies.

If artists want to have a take home kit, Winnie will prepare and charge $15 per kit which must be prepaid a month prior to the workshop so she can have time to order the material or go to Toronto if needed. The kit will contain a 4 in x 12 in sanded surface, 9 in x 6 in Canson paper and 5 different pastel colour pieces to complete the demo painting. Order and payment must be made by September 17th - please contact Audrey Barclay for this option.

Artists who want to bring their own pastel and larger pieces of paper to paint along are certainly welcome to. There is sure to be helpful tips and techniques.

Materials list to bring by attendees:

- Paper or plastic to place under work to protect table top surface

- apron,

- mask (if dust sensitive),

- a clip board and masking tape to mount the paper down.

- paper towel,

- paint brushes of different sizes

- kneaded eraser and blending stumps

- a table easel to work vertically if desired (optional).

- small water container to help clean your hands frequently

- bring your own soft pastels or pastel pencils if you like to add more colours than the
ones presented in the workshop.

Materials to be provided:

- 9"x 6" piece of UART paper, a small piece of Canson Mi-Tentes.

- rubbing alcohol, Q-tips.

- a sample of different pastels will be brought to class for everyone to try. Please kindly
return all the pastels provided back to the presenter at the end of the workshop.

Artist Bio

Winnie Tam is a visual artist in Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. She enjoys working with a variety of mediums such as oil, acrylic, soft pastel and mixed media to express her sentiment for her subjects.

Winnie was born and raised in the city of Hong Kong. At age 16, she immigrated to Ontario, Canada with her family. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto in 1991. She continues to work full time as an Occupational Therapist while refining her art techniques part time through the Mastery Program offered by the Milan Institute of Art, Florida, U.S.A. Winnie also enjoys traveling to collect sources for her paintings.

In the past, Winnie exhibited her paintings in multiple venues such as The HUB Art Gallery (Niagara Falls) and Queenston Art Show (Niagara-On-The-Lake). She was invited to partake plein-air painting at the Shaw Garden Tour in previous years. She held art workshops through Queen Street Artists' Group and the City of St. Catharines. She is currently a member of the Parkway Artist Guild.

As an Artist, Winnie is drawn to the serene mood and human connections of the Impressionists. She is also equally mesmerized by the bold adventuristic energy of the Group of Seven. Peaceful landscapes, colourful florals to playful human and animal themes had found their ways into Winnie's paintings. She aspires to create paintings that inspire joy. Winnie believes that her paint brush is the extension of her heart.