Events - Street Scene in Watercolour with James Pay......Members Only Full Day Workshop

James E Pay, SCA, UA, trained as an artist in Canada, the UK and USA. Mentored by the late A. J. Casson, James is a signature member of the Society of Canadian Artists and the United Society of Artists, London, England. James is known for his loose style of watercolour painting as well as his acrylic landscapes and florals.

Supplies for Watercolour Workshops

People always ask me “what supplies should I bring to the workshop”? The best answer is “whatever you have been using” because what I use may not be suitable to you. However, as a guide I will advise what I use.

• Since my sponsor is Canson and Royal Talens, for my workshops, I generally use Canson Montval blocks, 12” x 16” or Arches paper for larger work, 140 lb cold press in both cases.

• Canson and Royal Talens put out watercolour paints under the name of “Van Gogh” for their student quality and “Rembrandt” for their artist quality. Whatever manufacturer you use is fine. Since I work with a limited palette, I suggest you include gamboge or aureolin yellows, alizarine crimson or a quinacridone red, ultramarine and Prussian blues. For body colour, I suggest a cadmium red light or cadmium scarlet and light red. Sometimes I use Ivory black.

• Bring whatever you generally use. I use a 1-1/4” flat medium hake. I also use several flats ¼” ½” and ¾”. Eileen can sell a goat hair English made hake for $22.00. I also use two riggers, one narrower than the other. I occasionally use some rounds.

Other Tools
• At times I will use a credit card, a palette knife, a sharp knife, a natural sponge, a piece of wax, an old toothbrush, and, of course, my finger nails. You will need a pencil (preferably 2B or 3B) for sketching on your image.

The most important thing to bring is an open mind. We know we’ll all have fun painting.