Events - Painting on Yupo paper with Audrey Barclay......Members Only Morning Workshop

Audrey Barclay was born and raised in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Since childhood, the gift for sketching and painting has been a natural part of her life.  She obtained her Basic Art Degree from the Institute of Art in Minneapolis in 1982.  She continued with art lessons through both Rodman Hall and the Fine Artists Association of Niagara and has been a long-time member of the Parkway Artists’ Guild. As part of the Parkway Artist Guild, her work is displayed in retail shops along the beautiful Niagara Parkway.
Although still working full time as an accountant, Audrey uses art as an escape and all subjects intrigue her from portraits to wildlife.  She takes pleasure in all her surroundings and will never find a shortage of images to inspire her.

About the workshop:

Material list:
-      Watercolors/palette
-      Container for water
-      Paper towel
-      Cheap plastic table cloth/garbage bag
-      Image(s) of subject matter that inspires you  (a variety will be made available at the workshop)
Yupo paper will be provided – small size for trial. Artists are welcome to bring additional and/or larger YUPO paper of their own.