Events - Painting and Collage with Photography by Patti Harris......Full Day Workshop Members Only ….. Fee

Artist's Bio

Inspired by industrial design, natural materials and vintage objects, Patti Harris assembles time-tested parts in old boxes, frames, and old wood, and she begun to collage with paint and her own photographs. Patti enjoys creating and revealing hidden meanings, humourous twists, and irony using unexpected and interesting combinations of materials and mediums to provoke viewer response. Patti is an Exhibiting Member of the Buffalo Society of Artist and a Signature Member of the National Collage Society


Photos: print on regular copy paper (black white or color), the thinner paper is much easier to blend into the painting. If you want to repeat, then print a several of the same image. Try printing different sizes of the same image as well.

-your choice of substrate (Artist's choice is gallery style canvas)
-acrylic paint, brushes, palette
-exacto blade, scissors
-cutting board if you have one (some will be provided)
-paste (recommended: Golden soft Gel Matte) and an acrylic brush for that
-container for water
-photographs in color or B/W
-paper towels
-any small objects or natural things you might want to incorporate into the work. These would be glued on with the Golden (Heavy Gel will be provided)
-pencil, markers, ruler
-inexpensive plastic tablecloth