Events - Muguloo or Kolam, a fascinating form of traditional decorative art, practiced in Southern India

If you have not already done so, please email if you need
a parking pass to attend this meeting. We ask that you email her by Sunday prior to
the meeting date as an order for the passes is made the Monday of the week of the
event. A couple of extra passes are printed [just in case] but it helps if we know in


With Rajshree's guidance we will create geometrical drawings composed of straight
lines, curves and loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots.


Rajshree will be supplying workbooks, please bring a pencil, sharpie, card
stock or acrylic paper, paints and glitter of your choice (four colors are enough)

About the Artist

Rajshree Jena is a contemporary artist living in Niagara. She earned a Bachelor
of Science in Architecture and Art. Rajshree's expertise is painting in acrylic, watercolour, and mixed media. Her mastery of Reiki influences her towards an intuitive and conceptual
approach to creativity.