Events - Make your Drawings Pop! with Sandra Nass Misiak

About the Workshop

Let's go back to the basics and learn from the Italians! ;-)
Most people draw using the ADDITIVE technique of adding marks to the
paper. We are going to be drawing using the SUBTRACTIVE technique where our erasers become like paint brushes in this fun and absolutely beautiful style
We will be reviewing

 The importance of FORM
 Chiaroscuro
 Toning paper
 Sfumato
 Value / single light source
 Additive vs. Subtractive

About the Artist

Sandra Nass Misiak graduated from Sheridan's Fine Arts Certificate program with Honour Roll standing. She currently lives in the Niagara area and enjoys working and teaching in a variety of mediums. She has done several commissioned pieces and has sold several of her works within Canada as well as the United States. Always seeking new challenges and subject matter, Sandra shares her belief in life-long learning with the many students she teaches.

Materials list: (note: the timing will be geared for people sketching along)

 Larger sized sketchbook for drawing
 Soft black charcoal stick
 black charcoal pencil
 white charcoal pencil (Conte will also do the job for your black & white if you don't have
 Erasers! The more you have the better…(a variety …Kneaded, white, gum)
 stiff synthetic paintbrush for dust
 Paper towel/ jcloth – a few Qtips
 Table cover/ apron … it may get dusty … so please protect your clothing/ area

Entirely OPTIONAL/ not necessary:
Exacto knife, blending sticks (Tortillons), Krylon Workable Spray Fixative