Events - Family and Friends Session: Connecting Through Art March 18, 2023

Location: School of Horticulture, Administration Building
Located on the grounds of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens,
Niagara Parkway

Anyone can learn to draw or learn to improve their drawing skills, from beginner to seasoned artist. Under this system of learning it doesn't matter which medium you prefer, or if you want to draw people, animals, landscapes, sports, still life, or your completely original art. You are not being taught by subject, you are learning to train your brain to see differently using cutting edge science and individual assessment. Through fun exercises, using information designed to actually experience success and further add to your available strategies, children and adults alike can become unstuck and learn to see anew.

Materials list: Note pad and pencil

About the Artist

For more information about our Guest Speaker and Artist, 2016's Bronze Reader's Choice Award winner for Best Local Artist, Hether Klesh. please see