Events - En Plein Air in Soft Pastel with Wendy Gordon-Forsyth……Morning Workshop Open to all Artists

Wendy is a graduate of the Honours Fine Arts Program at the University of Western Ontario. She was the Visual Arts Department Head for twenty-six of the thirty-two years she spent teaching Visual Arts in Hamilton. Wendy is a member of various art organizations. She has been juried into many shows earning several best in shows and honourable mentions. She has achieved the distinction of being a Signature Member of Pastel Artists Canada.


A selection of soft pastels
Drawing board
Pastel paper (artist will be using Pastelmat …..available from Studio Six)
Wet towel in a ziplock bag, used to clean your fingers
Sheet of tracing paper and paper clips to cover finished work
inexpensive plastic tablecloth
Tape (artist uses masking tape to secure paper to the board)

Although Wendy will be demonstrating with pastels, she will also help you in whatever medium you wish. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in all art mediums. It is best to work in a smaller scale.

You may use watercolour, acrylic or oil. If you decide to paint, you will need your brushes, palette, paints. Bring Liquin for oil paints or water for water soluble paints.  You will also need paper towels. If you prefer not to paint, you may draw or sketch the scene in pencil or marker.