Events - Annual General Meeting and Kaleidoscope Workshop

It is that time of year for our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We will try to meet in person, weather permitting [it has been wonderful weather recentlyūüėä].

Please attend so that not only will we have quorum for our annual elections, you will also be treated to a creative session following the AGM …

Question: What do you call a group of Butterflies?

Question: What is this year's Marketing theme?

Question: How can we all help promote ourselves in PAG?


Following our Annual General Meeting [AGM], Publicity Chair Josephine Rovari, will kick off the 2024 PAG Marketing season in a kaleidoscope inspired workshop.


Josephine likes to explore ways of connecting the heart and mind, broadening our intuitive channels and opening up to new patterns of creative thought.

There will be 15 - 20 minutes of creative exercises before starting:

We're going to laugh, lighten up, quicken our pace, and step into our creative bodies.
There are no step by step directions for this project.

If you get overwhelmed when looking at templates keep in mind that it doesn't have to BE anything. We'll definitely be making it up as we go.

As you read over the attached list of supplies to bring keep the following Questions in mind.

What kind of Kaleidoscope inspired piece do you want?

What size do you want it to be? Small and detailed, large and crazy?

Will it be round, square, rectangular, Maybe a triangle?

Do you want something kind of Zen, like a mandala or

Something with specific images on top of a spiral of color and thingamajigs?

Are you very precise? You'll need to more ahead of time work

Are you slip slop like me? Come and wing it.

Do you want a theme? Butterflies, flowers, cars, buildings, dancers,

forest creatures, valentines, UFOs, beetles, The Beatles.. .

What if I gave this project to… what would they do?

Monet? How would he move beyond water and lilies?

Matise? Too much cut out work

Gogan? A little more 3D - maybe I'm thinking of Rodan, who's Gogan, a philosopher?

Nietzsche? It would be dark with hints of light, would he value it or leave it behind?

Spielberg? I'm adding UFOs to themes.

How would your 10 year old self do this?


Please Google Kaleidoscope templates, but…
After looking at templates, what I found easier to understand was quilt blocks

Template? Shiny sticky things Stickers

Shiny or decorative papers googly eyes, foil, … Glitter canvas

Florals; stones, beads, seeds, buttons, stickers,

Markers, paints, pencils… threads… seasonal or themed items… Anything Goes!

FOR A LIST OF MATERIALS, please check the Tutorials tab and/or your email for February