Events - Add Supporting Figures to Your Paintings

If you have not already done so, please email if you need
a parking pass to attend this meeting. We ask that you email her by Sunday prior to
the meeting date as an order for the passes is made the Monday of the week of the
event. A couple of extra passes are printed [just in case] but it helps if we know in


In this workshop we'll be talking about theory and techniques for including people in
our landscapes as secondary elements. These techniques are suitable for quick plein
air or studio work.This is not intended as a tutorial on figure drawing as the primary element.
We will have a discussion, a demo with examples and a DIY


2 sheets of watercolour paper will be provided
Bring a pencil, eraser and whatever media you prefer
Extra paper would be good
#2 or #4 round brushes are recommended if you wish to paint, as well as a
sponge or paper towel to dry off your brush
If you have old drawings or paintings that you would like to experiment with, bring

About the Artist

John Steenma has been developing his artistic skills over the past ten years,
and has been involved in graphic design and art for most of his life. John's art includes
a variety of media and subject matter. He exhibits his work and currently
has art in an exhibition at the 13th St. Winery

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