Events - "Pointillism - Fun with Dots.... " With Shelly Locke......Members Only Morning Demo

Shelley Locke is a self-taught acrylic artist from St. Catharines, Ontario. Born with severe hearing loss Shelley’s motto ‘I may be deaf but I hear colour’ is apparent in her vibrant pieces, wide range in subject matter, and style. She is one of twenty-five artists invited for a personal critique by acclaimed artist Robert Bateman.


Dotting tools around the home:

Straight pin (head)
Crochet Hook – perfect for small dots
Eraser end of pencil (unused)
Wood dowels
Pencil / pen / makers / make up brush – with round ends

Craft paint:
Black & White
Colours of your choice to create a monochromatic colour scheme

Canvas or board painted black
A simple picture (colouring book)
Chalk to draw on the black canvas (do ahead of time)

Paper Towels
Table cover