Esa Nieminen

Esa has been an artist over 45 years. Over the years, Esa has exhibited his paintings in numerous art exhibits.
He has a studio-gallery in Port Colborne, where people can visit and see his latest art work.
He teaches at special events, conventions and painting guilds. A few times a year, he holds Creative Painting Workshops
in his studio-gallery, a perfect place to paint with a natural light filtering through the ceiling sky-lights.
Everything is supplied with no need to bring anything. He will add a painting workshop for the groups of 3 more .
If interested, please contact him for his painting workshops.

There is always a painting in progress. He says: “ In the beginning, I might have some idea of what I will paint,
but at the end, the painting might be totally different from what I had in mind when I started” .
His styles and techniques have always been versatile. Esa likes to experiment on different kinds of painting surfaces,
Such as metal, slate or quartz, besides canvas. His art covers a wide spectrum of subjects from the traditional to modern and abstract.