Events - Acrylic Portraits with Mandy Tam Luk


Place: Simpson's Pharmacy Room – NOTL Community Centre

14 Anderson Lane, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Please park at entrance for screening – far right portion of the building

About the Artist

Mandy Tam-Luk is a painter who enjoys capturing tender moments of life and sharing them as stories of the human spirit. Through her commissioned work, Mandy learned to appreciate spirituality and artistic expression together can bring joy and healing to others. As a self-taught artist, she loves to paint with all types of media but especially acrylic and oil pastel. She is currently a member of the Queen Street Artists' Group, The HUB Art Gallery, and the Niagara Artists Centre. Mandy is inspired to create while collaborating with other artists to celebrate community through the sharing of the arts

Materials List:

Each artist will need the following for the workshop:

1) Reference photos: photos of the pet and any favourite toy, place or people that the pet enjoys spending time with to add character to the piece.

2) Acrylic paints: soft body; variety of colours based on your photos (But essentials are a variety of light and dark browns, reds, oranges, and yellows, along with basic white, blue, and black for highlights);
3) Paintbrushes: Medium and small flat brush for the background, a variety of round, pointed round, and detail brushes, plus any distressed brushes are great to soften the look of fur;
4) Painting surface: canvas, panel, or board, minimum size 9 x 12 for a single pet, and 11 x 14 for two pets.
5) Artist palette: I typically use an inexpensive wet palette consisting of a plastic lidded box with wet serviette and parchment paper on top. [This will help to keep paint wet in case you need to finish the painting at home]

6) Cup or jar of water;
7) Rag/paper towels and soap for clean-up;

8) Plastic to cover table top